Pony Cleaning 101 – Part 2


Sun Fading: The sun is an incredible tool that most people don’t utilize to it’s full potential. When a pony is stained with age spots, carrying Pony Cancer (pin dot mold) or has discoloured from age, it can be left out in the sun, on it’s side, over a period of time. You then flip it over and left in the sun for the same amount of time. In South Africa this process is exceptionally quick as our sun is extremely strong, especially in summer. Living in Durban, I can sometimes complete a sun fade over the course of a day. Leave it for a few hours in the morning and then turn it over in the afternoon and leave it for the same amount of time. If you are sun fading in winter, this process will take much longer. I leave my ponies out over the course of a few days. Up to six days at a time, three days on each side.

By evenly distributing sunlight over the pony’s body, the sun rays restore the vinyl back to it’s former glory. Sun fading works best on pastel coloured and white ponies, with the exception of a few ponies that have been known to tan. I personally know that my Twinkle Eye Gingerbread cannot be sun faded. Her vinyl comes from a batch that browns in direct sunlight. Almost all of the Gingerbread’s that I’ve seen in my lifetime have a cream tinge to their vinyl, some even bordering on caramel colour. So be sure to read this list on the MLP Arena to see if your pony is on that list.

Another good idea is to cover your pony’s hair with tin foil before putting her in the sun. The intense light will cause the hair to fade and in some extreme cases, turn white. This is ok if you are planning on re-hairing her. But if you like her hair as is, best cover it. I would not recommend sun fading for ponies who have the notorious “fading pink” hair such as Posey, Rosedust or Lickety Split. Full list can be found here courtesy of Pony Land Press.

Sometimes, in some extreme cases, a pony’s head can fade faster or slower than the rest of it’s body. One can only assume that Hasbro made these ponies in separate batches and the two vinyls are aging at different rates. In these instances, you can remove the head from the body. Slice very carefully along the seam with a craft knife or soak the pony in boiling water until the glue softens and you can take the head off. The head or body can then be sun faded until it matches, or at least gets close to, it’s respective part’s colour.

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Italian Starshine

Yes, I am back. Finally.

After a good holiday away over the December period, I also took a break from my business and got stuck into some more pony restoration.


I bought this very sad looking Italian Starshine from Bid or Buy for a whopping (sarcasm) R50. He looked so miserable that I couldn’t resist him. Also, he fitted into my Year Two Rainbow Pony collection so I couldn’t leave him behind. LEAVE NO PONY BEHIND.

Year 2 Rainbow Ponies advertisement (credit unknown)

Here’s some background information on Italian Starshine – “Starshine´s Italian name is Bianco and he is stated to be a male pony. There are two variations of Italian Starshine. Both of them stand in same pose as US Starshine and both have blue eyes.” – My Little Wiki

Starshine was never featured on the My Little Pony ‘n Friends show.

Showing the “Italy” stamp on his hoof

My boy needed a lot of work done. I removed his hair completely and gave him an Oxygen Bleach bath to brighten up his white body and get rid of the grime. I was not worried about doing damage to his glitter symbols with the Oxy bath as they were completely rubbed off already. NB: It is inadvisable to Oxy bath a pony with good glitter symbols as the product removes glitter.

I also sun faded him for a good 5 days in the South African summer sunshine. This helped brighten his body even more.

Once I was happy with his overall cleanliness, I then reglittered his symbols using epoxy glue and as fine a gold glitter that I could track down in this country. Glitter choice in South Africa is very slim so I had to make do with what I could get hold of. It wasn’t as fine as the glitter used by Hasbro but I was still happy with how it came out.

I then moved onto rehairing him. I chose to rehair him in the alternative Italian Starshine version that was released, known as the Tropical Hair version. I am very happy to have rescued this boy and happy with how he came out in the end.
I just need to work on my hair cutting skills and decide finally on how I am going to style his mane.


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Cherry Lisa

Pony Cleaning 101 – Part 1

There are many methods to cleaning ponies, depending on their degree of filth. I always start out by giving them a bath in warm soapy water, and then assessing the damage from there. This is going to be a very long post with very few pictures. 

Light surface dirt and light mildew (water): Wash in a basin of warm water using hand soap and scrub lightly with a soft nail brush. Be careful the bristles on the brush are not too stiff as this could leave scratches or take off your ponies eyes and symbols. Not recommended for ponies who still have their factory settings in their hair as wetting the hair might cause the original settings or curls to drop out. Also not recommended for ponies with mechanical parts such as Brush n Grows, Happy Tails or Dance n Prance.

Light surface dirt and light mildew (waterless): Dip a cotton wool pad into rubbing alcohol and wipe your pony down.  This MUST be rubbing alcohol (available at Dischem Pharmacies for about R40) and not Acetone or nail polish remover. Rubbing alcohol will remove any surface dirt and mildew without removing the painted eyes and symbols of the pony. Acetone will strip your ponies paintwork and render her blind. Do not go over a Twinkle Eye pony’s eyes with the alcohol as this could remove the iridescent finish on the jewel. Not recommended for Sundae Best ponies or So Soft ponies.

The same good friend who allowed me to photograph her South African Skydancer asked me to help her clean up her other childhood ponies. They had been sitting in a cardboard box since her teenage years and were in extremely bad shape. They were riddled with mold and mildew and I even spied a few patches of lichen growing on them. HA!

Fortunately the appearance of the ponies looked far worse then it actually was and there was no lasting damage. I just gave them a good wash in soapy water, and rubbed them down with rubbing alcohol, deep conditioned and styled their hair.

Chief is a Year Seven Big Brother Pony. There were only 3 Big Brother ponies released in year 7, where as the Year 6 Big Brother’s came in a set of 6.

DSC_0061 (2)
Chief before his clean
Chief after

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South African Skydancer

South African Skydancer

Recently a good friend of mine unearthed her childhood ponies, possibly stemming from my over enthusiasm towards pony collecting.

Amongst her collection was a South African Skydancer that I just had to photograph. I’ve only ever come across one other South African variant (Nirvana) pony in my life so seeing her felt a bit like seeing the Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot.

Nirvana ponies are pony variants with very limited distribution. These ponies are exclusive to certain countries because they were either only made in that country or they were only sold in that country (and made in China or Hong Kong for instance). South African Nirvana’s were produced in Hong Kong but sold exclusively within South Africa.

South African Skydancer showing the Made in Hong Kong stamp

Also, the SA ponies were the only ponies produced with rooted tails as well as manes. That is – their tails were not one big hole for the hair to come out, but a cluster of smaller holes each with hair coming out of them.

South African Nirvana pony with rooted tail

Skydancer was first introducted into the My Little Pony ‘n Friends series in the special “Escape from Katrina” and her common pose pony was released in 1984 as part of the Year 2 Rainbow ponies.

Skydancer in Escape from Catrina (c) mlpseriesresource

Skydancer is a very pretty pony and I own her in the common pose. But I have never been a fan of the South African Nirvanas. In fact, I am not a fan of Nirvana ponies in general with the exception of one or two (Argentinian Powder is very pretty) So I will not be lusting after this Skydancer anytime soon 😉DSC_0049 Til next time!
Cherry Lisa

Introduction Post: My Collection to Date

First off, let me just say how long it’s taken me to get my act together to start this blog! Many moons, I tell you.

As a child of the 80’s, My Little Pony has always been a part of my life. I grew up watching the original series and owned a handful of ponies as a child. These ponies stayed with me throughout my teenage years and only when I started working and earning my own money, did I start growing my collection.

For the most part, I stick to ponies that featured on the original series – My Little Pony n’ Friends. And even then, I mostly only have ponies whose character’s I liked on the show. There are a few exceptions of course. For example, I don’t particularly love all of the Flutter Ponies characters, but I find my Flutter Pony collection near completion.

I also have a complete set of Year One Rainbow Ponies. This was also not intentional. I accidentally collected them by rescuing baits whenever I came across them locally.

Plus there are those that I was gifted by kind friends who know I love ponies and were generous enough to pass theirs on to me for safe keeping.

I’m not sure if there will ever come a time when I say “my collection is now complete” especially since I have some grail ponies on my list that may never come to pass. Also because collecting ponies is what I do. I love everything about it, from getting the package in the mail to cleaning her up, to putting her in her rightful place on the shelf.

Two thirds of my collection to date

My ponies currently reside on my dvd and book shelf. And I need to put up another shelf on my modular to fit in the rest of the ponies. Not all of them are pictured as some are in the pony hospital, or at the pony spa and also, there is no more space.

I am in desperate need of a glass fronted display case but my flat is too small at the moment to warrant getting one. So for now, they live in the open to gather dust. They are, however, away from direct sunlight. My ponies get cleaned every 3-6 months on average. I find some vinyls (Glow n Show especially) gather more dust then others so these ponies get cleaned more than others.

I plan on going more in depth in my collection, regarding why I love each of the ponies that I do and where they were featured in the show (provided that they were featured). I also want to take you through my processes of cleaning, rehairing and deflocking.

Today I am showcasing my Baby Sea Ponies. My four favourites of the ones featured on the show. Sun Shower is missing her original blue alligator float, but I thought a pink one was close enough. One day I would like to upgrade her to the European pose as it bothers me that she is the only USA pose in my collection. I also want to add Water Lily to my lot.

Baby Sea Ponies: Surf Rider, Sea Shimmer, Sunshower (incorrect float) and Ripple
1) Baby Sea Ponies - The Magic Coins 2) Surf Rider and Sea Shimmer - Baby, It's Cold Outside
1) Baby Sea Ponies – The Magic Coins
2) Surf Rider and Sea Shimmer – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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